About the Kwahadi Dancers

     The Kwahadi Dancers are a unique youth performing group from the “Crown of Texas”, the Panhandle area of the Texas High Plains.  In addition to regularly scheduled public shows at the Kiva, the Kwahadis present their colorful pageant of song, dance, and stories of the American Indian for tour buses groups, conventions, community events, youth camps, church events, fundraisers, museums, and community events nationwide.

     The Kwahadis are the most tenured performing group in Texas!  Officially Venture Crew Nine of the Golden Spread Council, BSA, over 1600 young men and ladies have presented over 3800 performances since 1944 in 48 states and overseas!  They were honored by being given the name “Kwahadi” by the Elders of the Comanche Nation.  They were honored with the Texas Commission for the Arts Youth Award for Excellence and were chosen to represent the United States at the International Festival of the Arts in Ammon, Jordan.  They have twice performed at the Boy Scout National Jamboree, entertained at the Canadian Scout Jambec, and performed on stage for over 30,000 youth and parents at the Millenium Jamboral near Ogden, Utah.

          See regular summer performances at the Kiva, at the annual Indian Summer shows are performed in early fall, and in the annual Winter Night Ceremonials performed in the Kiva each winter.